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by Florence W Deems
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The beautiful small city of Savannah, Ga, USA, has so many benches that it would be almost impossible to get views of and from all of them. Savannah has 22 Squares which are small "pocket parks" and each has several benches. Then there are also other benches placed here and there around the city. So what you'll see below is just a random selection of some of the benches in the Squares and other areas of the Historical District and the people using them at the times I've been there.

River Street is a lively tourist scene that extends from the landings where several tour boats and the free municipal ferry dock near the Hyatt Hotel, all the way east, quite a few city blocks, to Waving Girl landing near the Merriott Hotel. Along the way are many benches where tired feet can get some rest.

The first image below shows the two largest tour boats at dock. The second image is a post processing treatment called Median Removal. The details become clearer, but it looks more like a drawing than a photo. The happy couple in the third image were newly-weds who actually wanted me to make their portrait. In the fourth image, I found a man working on his laptop, totally oblivious to all the touristy hustle and bustle happening around him.

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Two tour boats plus bench

Two tour boats, Median Removal

Newly wedded couple

Man computing

Another River St. bench, this time occupied by Caroline in her pretty purple jacket. Yes, it does get chilly in Savannah during certain times of the year.

I was intrigued by the back lighting on the heads of this couple enjoying the sights and sounds along River Street. This image was made with a Lensbaby lens, which blurs all around the edges.

Caroline on River St

Back lit couple

Along Bay St, which is the main trucking route through Savannah, are a couple of tiny little parks. In the first image, we can see the Moon River Brewing Company across Bay St. The second image shows the scene looking east along Bay St from this same little park.

Turning around with our backs to Bay St., we see the Hyatt Hotel, shown in the third image.

Moon River Brewing Co

Looking east from
same park

Front of the Hyatt Hotel

Turning around further towards the west from the last scene of the Hyatt above, we find a fancy well-weathered bench. Moving towards it, we can barely make out the weathered inscription:

"On this spot one hundred and seventy three years ago, James Oglethorpe, the founder of the colony, pitched his tent. And here he rested at the close of the day on which Georgia was founded. Erected by the Georgia Society of the Colonial Dames of America on the 12th of February AD 1906." Which places the date of Oglethorpe's resting place in 1733.

The fancy weathered bench

The bench's well worn inscription

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