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NAME CHANGE: As of June 1, 2015, we decided to change our name from the Middletown Township Senior Camera Club to the simpler and more inclusive Middletown Camera Club.

MEMBERSHIP: Since our club uses the Center's facilities for free, it is very desirable that we all join the Center. It's easy to join: visit the office and just fill out a simple form and then pay $15 (per year, renewable each January). In addition to our camera club, the Center offers a wide variety of other free activities. It also serves lunches Mondays through Fridays (for a very nominal fee), and even some bus trips (extra charge for these trips.)

MEETING ROOM: In our meeting room, we have a large HD flat screen TV with a DVD player. The best way we've found to show our images on the TV is to put them onto a flash or thumb drive. If you want to show the images in a certain order, though, you must use a photo manipulation software program, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to rename and number the images in the order in which you wish to show them. Doing this with the image software provided by your computer won't work for this TV.

However, if you choose to use CDs or DVDs, the DVD player seems to work only with CDs and DVDs that have been burned using an online website like Roxio. So if any of us want to burn a CD or DVD, using an online service, to show our images, we can now see them larger than life! CDs and DVDs burned with our computers still must be shown on our laptops!

Normally we meet at 12:30 at the Center, on the first Monday of each month year round. However, from the first Monday in February to the Monday before April 15, the Center offers free income tax counseling and preparation to its members. This activity meets in the same room in which we hold our meetings. The tax people are supposed to be finished by 12:30, but often times they run late. So we will be meeting at 1 p.m. instead on each Monday during this tax time period to give the tax people a little extra time.

FIELD TRIPS: We try to hold these once a month, unless it is a national holiday. Then the field trip is held on the following Monday. Since when these field trips are scheduled does vary from either the first or third Monday, the person in charge sends an email notification to the membership. For good weather, we'll try to shoot outside at a chosen location. In case of inclement weather, we'll reschedule or shoot at an inside location or at the Center. See Emails below.

EMAILS: Members will be reminded via email of each meeting held at the Center. Also, when a member signs up for a field trip, he/she will be notified of any changes in plans due to inclement weather. A follow-up report on meetings and future field trips is issued via email. If you wish to review our meetings past, please consult our archives.

CENTER BULLETIN: Only the basic information is printed in the Center's newsletter.

QUESTIONS: In case you have questions, or if you wish to be added to our mailing list, please feel free to contact Diane Cochrane, .

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