by Florence W Deems

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Quite often we'll come across a scene or subject that's mostly one gray, tan, cream or other such "neutral" color. But in that scene or subject may be a touch or two of a brighter color, such as green, orange, red, yellow and so on. This is what we'll be looking for in this Assignment.

OR, you might find a scene that's mostly all a bright color but with a touch of another color. Example would be a green bush with one red flower, or one leaf that's a different color. (As opposed to several to many flowers.) Or perhaps a spot of rust on a shiny metal surface.

Here are a few of mine: Peacock, Molten Iron, Diane Drives Plastic Car, Smothered by Lotus.

So go out and look around, look in woods, fields and streams, in shop windows or inside stores, or in your own home, or some street scene and find something similar to what is described above. This is an exercise in seeing a smaller picture within a larger scene. These images can be close-ups or wide angles. Have fun hunting!

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