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by Florence W Deems

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Callaway Gardens is a 14,000 acre preserve containing public gardens, a resort, a permanent community and a golf course, located in west-central Georgia near Pine Mountain, and about two hours by car south of Atlanta.

The first week of April, 2011, I attended a photographic workshop presented by Marti Jeffers, who was assisted by Lori Diemer. Nine people attended and we had great fun and learned a lot over that week. The early and mid-season azaleas were in full bloom, so for flower photography, we hit it at the right time.

We stayed at a Best Western hotel close to Warm Springs, Georgia. This was about a 20-minute drive from Callaway Gardens. So twice a day we made the trek over the Pine Mountain ridge to the Callaway Gardens public section and back again. In between our morning and late afternoon shoots, we had sessions in a meeting room at the hotel where we shared and discussed our images. Some days there was time for some instructions in Photoshop. We also spent a day shooting in the colorful little town of Warm Springs.

After the workshop, Marti told us that if we would put together six book pages of our favorite images, she would collate them and send them in to Blurb Books. Below are my six pages. My first page appears on the right hand page, and my last page appears on the left hand page in the book. So pages 2 & 3 face each other, as do pages 4 & 5. If you want to see the book itself, you may go to that page at the Blurb Books website.

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On a sad note, two weeks after we had stayed at that Best Western hotel, it got damaged by a tornado! As of this date, July, 2016 (according to Google) - 5 whole years later, the hotel sits on its hill looking very forlorn with its twisted sign out front. It seems the owners have been having issues with their insurance company.

To see some of the images from the other workshop participants, please go to this page.

On a happier note, I so enjoyed this 2011 workshop, that when Marti offered the workshop again for 2012, I jumped at the chance. We also have put together pages for a 2012 book. So those pages are up on another page which is linked to below.

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