Hot Air Ballooning
August, 2007

by Flo Deems

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13. Heating the Air. 14. Up & Away!

15. Looking Down on the Field 16. Cranbury Town

Thirteenth Image: "My" balloon is receiving the flame to heat up its air so it will rise.

Fourteenth Image: We're finally up and looking back down on the field at Happy Harry's which is now upright and loading.

Fifteenth Image: Up higher and still looking down on the field. Happy Harry's is just about ready to launch. One balloon remains to be fully inflated. The large building in upper left is a school. My car is somewhere in that parking lot to the left. Immediately to the left of the two balloons is a white propane tank truck, from which each crew filled their tanks.

Sixteenth Image: Looking down on the heart of historic Cranbury. A glimpse of Main Street is visible between the trees. The two housing developments in the distance are modern, not part of the original old town.

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17. Cranbury's Water Tower

18. Housing Development 19. Happy Harry 20. Route 130

Seventeenth Image: Cranbury's old water tower is visible. The old red building at the middle upper edge is the Library. The school seen in Image 15 is just out of sight behind the library. The field we launched from shows only a corner in upper right.

Eighteenth Image: One of the many new housing developments that have cropped up around Cranbury in recent years. The farmland is fast disappearing.

Nineteenth Image: Happy Harry's balloon is up and following us.

Twentieth Image: Busy Route 130 at right skirts a couple of remaining fields. The long shadows of the trees along the road intrigued me. The pattern in the brown field was extremely accentuated when I resized this image.

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21. Man Encroaches on Nature 22. New Jersey Turnpike 23. Silos Near Turnpike 24. Happy Harry's

Twenty-first Image: Man invades nature like weeds invade gardens. But man's cement weediness can't be easily removed. And so nature suffers.

Twenty-second Image: The New Jersey Turnpike, a major traffic artery between the state of New York and the state of Delaware.

Twenty-third Image: More long shadows point toward silos on a working farm near the Turnpike. We wondered how long it will be before this farm is bought by developers.

Twenty-fourth Image: The late sun warms Happy Harry's balloon's colors as I frame it between a couple of our ropes.

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