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by Florence W Deems

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During a workshop taught by The Mindful Eye's Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers in Savannah, GA, in 2010, Craig gave each of us a light bulb. We were to go out and shoot some "bright" ideas by incorporating the light bulb into each scene. So off we went. And below are some of my more "enlightened" ideas.

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Religious Intolerance
A Dark idea
Spiritual Freedom
A Bright Idea
City Hall
Enlightened Govt.
In one of Savannah's squares is a lovely white marble bench dedicated to Songwriter Johnny Mercer, who was born in Savannah. So I positioned the light bulb above his head. I had to keep it from rolling each time the breeze nudged it, so I used a dead leaf. So this is my idea of Johnny Mercer's bright ideas when he wrote his songs.
My final two "bright" ideas. Sorry if the first one grosses you out, but I just couldn't resist the visual pun! I felt very lucky to come across the smilie vanity plate on a car.
Enlightened Appetizer Sneaky Idea

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