Railing & Shadow

A Photo Project

by Flo Deems
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During the Composition Intensive workshop in October, 2011, taught by Craig Tanner, he told us to prepare a portfolio for a photo project. No more than 12 images and no less than 8.

I chose "Railings & Shadows" as the subject for my project portfolio. Historic Savannah, GA, where the workshop was held, has many fancy wrought iron railings. The challenge for this subject wasn't finding railings. It was finding them at the right time so that the sun or the street and building lights cast shadows of these railings.

I chose to present my portfolio here as black and white images. I found that the colors were too distracting and took viewers' attention away from the railings themselves and their shadows.

If you counted the images, including the title image, you'll see that there are only 7 images here instead of the minimum number of 8. That's because there are a few more still sitting in my computer that I really don't think fit into the ones on this page. So my project will remain a tad shy of its goal. Perhaps next time I get to Savannah, I'll be able to make a few other images worthy of being included here.

Look below for Page 2! I did finally make
a few more images for this project!

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