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The Oldest Cemetery
in Savannah

by Flo Deems
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Dating from 1750, Colonial Park Cemetery is a fascinating place to visit. After the workshop ended on Sunday evening, I stayed over another day, just to wander in the cemetery, which we hadn't visited, and also for another visit to River Street. Many of the old grave stones have broken off and there are no replacements. So, unless that information had been recorded and saved somewhere, that part of Savannah's early history has been lost. While wandering around the grounds, I met a man who told me he'd grown up only three blocks from there. He and his friends used to play in the cemetery when they were kids. He also pointed out that many of the graves are of children. Quite a few of these youngsters died the same year. So there must have been an epidemic then.

One of the large family graves had three generations buried in the same plot. The couple of the third generation had six children over a period of about 15 years, all of whom died before they attained their first birthdays. My heart felt so heavy for this long-dead couple and the sufferings they must have endured to lose six children, that I couldn't make an image of that grave marker.

A historical society has erected plaques for some of the famous people who are buried here. I tried to make images of each one. There was one that defied my camera, though, as it was dark gray on dark gray, which didn't show up very well at all.

I also made several abstract images by shooting close-ups of the weathered patterns on some of the tomb stones.

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the images.

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View from South Gate

Another scene

Small tree in autumn colors

Many trees are draped in Spanish moss


A bird, perhaps?

A polar bear in Savannah?!

Vroom! A rocket takes off!

Spanish moss on a snow covered mountain?!

Big snowball among the tiny lichens

White cracks and spots

A crack forms a mountain

This tomb stone definitely sported a ghost

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