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The Historic District & Waterfront

by Flo Deems
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Street Scenes & Shops

Our tour starts on the west end of River Street at Martin Luther King Blvd and ends near the Marriott Hotel at its eastern end near Waving Girl Landing. Leaving the Promenade Motel, corner of Bay Street and Martin Luther King Blvd, rounding the corner going downhill toward the Savannah River, our first sight of this famous street might make us think we're going to be visiting a slum. The appearance improves greatly, however, the further east one proceeds.

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First view of River St (to east)

A little further on (to east)

Looking back (to west)

Earthbound Trading Co.

Trolley Stop

Scandals shop

Pink building is Hyatt Hotel

On-going construction

Elevator, east side of Hyatt, to Bay St

Ramp to elevator

Steep steps from Bay St to River St

Looking back up steps

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