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Savannah's Historic Squares
22 Small Parks

by Flo Deems
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Aerial photograph courtesy of Wikipedia
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Savannah has spent a lot of time and money on reconstruction and refurbishing of its original area of settlement, the Historic District. Originally laid out as "squares," each one had a small square or rectangular park in its midst, with designated residential and commercial blocks surrounding it. Over the years, a total of 24 squares (green areas on photo) were developed. Unfortunately, three of these squares were lost to development. One of them, Ellis Square, is being restored. But the other two gave way to rerouting roads and the construction of the Civic Center.

"Antiquities are remnants of history
which have casually escaped
the shipwrecks of time."
Francis Bacon.
Thanks to Ted Byrne for finding this gem.

In the aerial photo, you can get an idea of how this part of the city is laid out. The larger area in the center right with no buildings is the old Colonial Park Cemetery.

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