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by Flo Deems
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Craig dragged us out of bed to leave the motel at 5:30 a.m. to shoot the sunrise at Tybee Island. We all made it out there. After shooting up and down the beach for an hour or so, Craig finally rounded us up. We went to have breakfast in the small business district and got there just before the crowd showed up. The monochrome images are all infra red shots.

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Mitch sets up before the sun is visible. Craig moves from person to person, helping. Marti & Bob, just before sunrise. Matt and Bob at sunrise.
Mitch hunts for a vantage point. We have spread out up and down the beach. Gee, no one's shooting? Except me! All diagonals lead to Mitch.
Marti & Bob Marti, Judy & Meme head back. Almost breakfast time. Matt expounds. Bob and Peter soak up the wisdom. Pam, Meme, Judy & Mitch soak up the sun.

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